FSE First Aid Training

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 2 090,-
August 2022
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General information about FSE First Aid Training (LFA108)

Target GroupElectricians and others working on and around electrical installations. Complete FSE course, consists of 2 parts:

  • 1. Laws and regulations.

  • 2. First Aid (this course).

ObjectiveEnable participants to work safely on electrical installations. The course meet the regulations on safety in work and maintenance of electrical instalattions (FSE) $7. First Aid Preparedness: Life-saving first aid including electrical injuries.

Course Contents

  • Self-safety and alert.
  • CPR.

  • Examination of the pasient.

  • Measures.

Special training in first aid for Electric current accidents:

  • Cardiac arrest.
  • High impact injury.

  • Burns.
  • Bleeding.

  • Electrical current flow-through.

PrerequisitesNone, but should be repeated every year.


3 hours
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association