Basic Safety Training – Refresher Course (English) with E-learning

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Basic Safety Training - Refresher Course (English) with E-learning (OBSBLE004)

MålgruppeOffshore personnel who have to repeat the Basic Safety and Emergency preparedness training.

MålsetningUpdate the course participants knowledge and ability to protect his/her safety in an emergency situation and promote safe behaviour. After completing the course, the participants should have maintained and updated knowledge and skills relating to:

  • Correct safety behaviour.
  • Lifesaving first aid.
  • Correct use of survival suit with emergency breathing system.

  • Use of a hand-held fire extinguisher.
  • Use of escape chute.
  • Helicopter evacuation (HUET).


  • Introduction.
  • Sea survival.
  • Helicopter evacuation.

  • Fire protection.
  • First aid.

The course mainly consists of practical training and drills. HSE culture/behaviour training will be integrated in the entire course.

ForkunnskapskravValid Offshore Norway Basic Safety and Emergency preparedness training course or equal training according to the Recommended guidelines for safety and emergency preparedness training 002.


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