Bideltoid measurements

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 907,-
Bideltoid measurements (OBS120)

Target GroupPersonnel working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf who needs to travel onto the British sector.

ObjectiveAll helicopter passengers travelling onto the UK Sector must take the bideltoid measurement in order to be seated nearest the push-out emergency exit window which is compatible with their body size.

The measurement is taken with an approved set of calipers, by an approved measurer.

Helicopter passengers with a shoulder width of more than 55.9cm (22”) will be classified as extra broad (XBR), while those with a shoulder width of 55.9cm or less will be classified as ‘regular’.

At least 30% of seats on all helicopter types are suitable for XBRs.

Course ContentsBideltoid Measurement.

PrerequisitesValid Basic Safety Training course with underwater helicopter evacuation and a re-breathing system (or equivalent).

ExaminationNone. Upon completion the delegate will receive a certificate with their shoulder measurement.

Language course
1/2 hour
4 years
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association