Crisis Management – Refresher

Crisis Management - Refresher

Personnel who are to perform emergency response leadership on an operative level (line 1 and line 2).

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Crisis Management - Refresher (OER1091)

Target GroupPersonnel who are to perform emergency response leadership on an operative level (line 1 and line 2)

The course is aimed at all personell who are part of the organization’s emergency management offshore and onshore, including key personell such as:

  • Injury site leader.
  • Control room operator.
  • Radio operator.

  • Nurse.
  • Air and maritime operators.
  • Officers on emergency response vessels.

ObjectiveRepetition of main principles in emergency responce leadership and organisation of emergency responce teams:

  • Application of the working method proactive leadership.
  • Co-operation, communication and leadership.

  • Coordination/collaboration with internal/ external units in an emergency situation.
  • Exercises and training in decision-making.

Course ContentsLectures will be held on different aspects concerning the establishment of emergency response activities. The main part of the course is presented through various exercises focusing on communication and decision-making.

PrerequisitesCrisis management, basic course.


  • No exam.

  • Will be adjusted to clients needs and may also be implemented in accordance with OLF guidelines.

Language course
1 day
2 years
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association