Helicopter Underwater Escape incl. Airpocket

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NOK 7 684,-
Helicopter Underwater Escape incl. Airpocket (OSE1251)

Target GroupHelicopter passengers who are going to use a survival suit with an integrated Airpocket system.

ObjectiveUpon completing the course, delegates will have learned skills and knowledge that will enable them to evacuate a ditched helicopter above and under water. Course delegates should be able to use a airpocket system as an aid in the evacuation of a helicopter cabin that is submerged in water.

Course ContentsTheory:

  • Procedures for emergency landing of a helicopter.
  • Review the airpocket system, focusing on design, use and limitations.

  • Dangers associated with emergency landing in sea, and available rescue equipment.
  • Review of the procedure for the use of a airpocket system in an emergency situation.

Practical training:

  • Use of a airpocket system, familiarisation exercises.
  • Evacuation from a submerged helicopter using the airpocket.
  • Evacuation from helicopter to raft after a controlled emergency landing in sea.

  • Preparations for emergency landing in sea.
  • Evacuation from a submerged helicopter without using the airpocket.
  • The properties of the helicopter raft and equipment.



Language course
1 day
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association