STCW Retraining for Officers 24 hrs

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STCW Retraining for Officers 24 hrs (MBS114)

Target GroupOfficers must maintain STCW advanced safety training every five years.

ObjectiveUpdating the participant’s understanding and skills to protect oneself and others in a crisis situation and contribute to safe behavior. After completing the course, students should have maintained and updated knowledge and skills in:

  • Fire.

  • Medical first aid.

  • Rescue at sea.

Course ContentsAccording to STCW-table:

  • A-VI/2-1.

  • A-VI/3.

  • A-VI/4-1.

Approval of STCW-78 with later ajustments Manila 2010.

PrerequisitesThe course participant must have completed and passed training in accordance with advanced safety training regulations VI/2 no. 1, VI/3 and VI/4 no. 1. This must be documented by a valid certificate of competence for officers (deck-, machine or ship electrician) or valid course certificate for advanced safety training. If the competence has expired, a valid 12-month sailing period must be documented while the competence was valid. This is calculated 5 years back from the course start date, when the certificate was valid.

ExaminationWritten test with a minimum of 75% correct answers.

Language course
3 days
5 years
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority