STCW Basic Safety Training for fishermen

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STCW Basic Safety Training for fishermen (MBSBLE031)

Target GroupMaritime Industry.

ObjectiveThe main goal of the course is to give the participants knowledge about various emergency situations that can happen on fishing vessels, and enable them to ensure their own and colleagues safety. Great emphasis is placed on preventive work through a focus on good work routines and attitudes in relation to the rules and procedures that apply, so that the right measures can be taken to avoid damage to people, material and the environment. It is also an important objective to acquire the participant theoretical and practical knowledge about:

  • Fire and fire fighting.

  • First aid

  • use of rescue and evacuation gear

The course strives to create positive attitudes towards safety work, as well as an understanding of the importance of the social and physical working environment for life, health and values ​​in work and leisure.

Course ContentsThe course contains theoretical preparatory work on e-learning, which must be completed before attending the course centre.
STCW -F Convention Chapter III.

PrerequisitesNo special requirements.

ExaminationWritten exam.
Passed exam is valid for 96 months.

Language course
8 hours E-learning and 3 days at the center
96 months
Approved by
Norwegian Maritime Authority