Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat – Basic with E-learning

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RelyOn Nutec
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Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat - Basic with E-learning (OSEBLE005)

Target GroupOil and gas.

ObjectiveWhen the course is completed, participants should be able to:

  • Prepare the lifeboat for evacuation.
  • Launch the boat.
  • Maintain communication with rescue unit.

  • Organize and lead boarding.
  • Look after passengers and arrange for them to stay on board after evacuation.

Course ContentsCovers the conditions necessary to be in command of a lifeboat in the event of a breakdown or accident where evacuation is required, i.e. the entire rescue phase, which consists of entering the boats, launching, getting away from the device and staying on the sea until one is taken up.

  • Introduction.
  • Technical description and equipment in lifeboat.
  • Duties and tasks of the lifeboat operator / Crew.
  • Relevant first aid.

  • Regulations / Regulations.
  • Emergency organization / Alarm instructions / Command relationship / Stress.
  • Alternative means of evacuation.

PrerequisitesUpon registration, the participant will receive a link to e-learning. This must be completed before attending the course. The course is only held in Norwegian.

ExaminationWritten exam.

Language course
E-learning + 3 days at the centre
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association