Helicopter Underwater Escape incl. Airpocket with E-learning (English)

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RelyOn Nutec
NOK 8 024,-
Helicopter Underwater Escape incl. Airpocket with E-learning (English) (OSEBLE009)

Target GroupHelicopter passengers who will wear life jackets with integrated breathing lung.

ObjectiveAfter completing the course, the participants must have acquired knowledge of preparations for emergency landing on water, and be able to evacuate efficiently and independently out of one emergency landing helicopter both above and below water. The course participants must be able to use a breathing lung as an aid in evacuation.

Course ContentsE-Learning:

  • Preparations for emergency landing on water.
  • Organized evacuation.

  • Pustelungen
  • The helicopter’s emergency systems and equipment.

  • Procedures for underwater evacuation.


  • Water habituation exercises with breathing lung in shallow water.
  • Organized evacuation.

  • Underwater evacuation drills using a breathing lung.
  • Properties and equipment of the helicopter fleet.

  • Underwater evacuation drills without the use of a breathing lung.

PrerequisitesNo prerequisites are required to sit this course.


Language course
E-learning and 1/2 day
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association