Oppdatering Passasjer- og krisehåndtering med Webinar

Oppdatering Passasjer- og krisehåndtering med Webinar

Personell på mønstringslister som er ansvarlig for passasjerenes sikkerhet i nødsituasjoner. Godkjenning STCW-78 med tillegg Manila 2010.

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NOK 3 470,-
NOK 3 470,-
NOK 3 470,-
Oppdatering Passasjer- og krisehåndtering med Webinar (MBS1162)

Target GroupPersonnel on muster lists who are responsible for the safety of passengers in emergency situations.
Approval STCW-78 with addition Manila 2010.

ObjectiveProvide participants with knowledge and skills about the principles of managing and organizing large gatherings of personnel in a crisis situation.

The topics covered by the course include:

  • Accident potential.
  • Handling of people who need special assistance.
  • Use of internal and external resources.

  • Alarm instructions and security plan.
  • Effective communication and crisis communication.
  • Effective management in emergency situations.

  • Aspects of crowd management.
  • Stress and stress management Factors affecting human behavior.
  • 8 practical exercises.

Course ContentsDay 1 – Webinar
Day 2 – The course center you are registered for.

The course contains lectures, group work, practical exercises / mustering. After completing the teaching, a certificate-giving examination is held in accordance with STCW A-V / 2.

PrerequisitesValid course certificate (ie not older than 5 years) for Passenger and Crisis Management or documentation from the shipping company on maintained competence on board during the last 5 years.

ExaminationWritten test with given answer options.

Language course
2 days
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association